Seed Food and Wine Festival 2014 - John Salley

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Seed Food and Wine Festival
Thursday, October 16th
Thrive Magazine VIP Cocktail Party

Hosted by: Brendan Brazier, Maranda Pleasant, John Salley, Lebo, Ella Magers

Celebrity Chefs: Jamie DeRosa {Tongue & Cheek}, Todd Erickson {Haven}, Nicolas Torrent {Juice Lab}, Robyn Aldomovar {Food Network}, Mark Zeitouni {The Standard}, Nicola and Fabrizio Carro {Via Verdi}, Robbie Errichetti

Mixologist Competing from Tongue and Cheek, Haven, Finka Table and Tap, Blackbird Ordinary

Vision Earth Society
We create documentary films about people who choose a raw and living food diet for better health and longevity.

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